Batter Up: Step Up to the Plate for the RFS

By Tom Buis | August 09, 2013

The renewable fuel standard (RFS) is the most important and innovative U.S. energy policy in the past 40 years. It has been the single most effective tool at encouraging the production of ethanol, which, as you know, is the only large-scale, commercially viable alternative to fossil fuels. 

Since 2005, our industry has created and supported nearly 400,000 domestic jobs here at home that cannot be outsourced. Not only are we keeping more jobs at home, we’re keeping more money at home, too. We contribute more than $40 billion annually to our nation’s gross domestic product and are driving investment into new technologies and advanced biofuels. And, American ethanol has helped curb our dependence on volatile foreign oil markets from 60 percent in 2005 to 40 percent in 2012.

The numbers don’t lie. The RFS and homegrown American ethanol have made great contributions to our nation, boosting our economy, improving our national security and fostering future prosperity and innovation.

The attacks against our industry are growing day by day. Big Oil and its cronies have lined their coffers with years of absurd subsidies, reaping record profits while consumers get robbed at the pump. They’ll do anything to maintain their near-monopolistic grasp on the liquid fuels market. 

The more our industry grows, the more we strengthen, the more nervous Big Oil will become. So, we call on you, our supporters and allies across the American ethanol and biofuels industries, to step up to the plate. While we can’t match Big Oil’s bank accounts, we have strength in numbers. Help us grow our grassroots movement to fight back.

You know why our industry is successful and poised for huge growth. We’ve created the single most dynamic economic market in modern agriculture. We’re revitalizing our rural economies. We’re making our nation more energy independent. We’re saving our neighbors every time they fill up at the pump. We’re cleaning our environment and air for today and for future generations. Furthermore, it’s a success story to see younger generations return home to continue the legacy of their family farm. 

But have your members of Congress heard this story? Your story? We ask you to share your experiences and tell the world why ethanol matters. Tell Congress why the RFS and fuels from the farm matter to you, to your community and to our nation. 

Renewable fuels are reducing our dependence on foreign oil, creating jobs at home and improving our environment, all while providing consumers with a choice and savings at the pump. Big Oil will stop at nothing to block any competition from renewable fuels and prevent their success. That is why you must act and call today.

Author: Tom Buis
CEO, Growth Energy