Flex-Fuel Mower Enters Marketplace

By Staff | August 12, 2013

John Deere has introduced a flex-fuel model to its ZTrak line of commercial lawn mowers, the Z925MFlex Fuel. It is compatible with all fuels ranging from E0 to E85. The 24.6 horsepower mower is available with either 54- or 60-inch blades. 

The mower is powered by an aluminum block, air-cooled, vertical shaft, electronically fuel-injected engine. According to Chase Tew, product marketing manager for John Deere Commercial Mowing, the engine’s improved horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency is a result of a closed-loop electronic fuel system that uses an oxygen sensor to continuously monitor oxygen levels in the exhaust gas. 

“The flexibility to run machines with fuel blends ranging from straight gasoline up to 85 percent ethanol will appeal to customers who want to be more green, burn less fossil fuel, and still have multiple fuel options available,” said Tew.