Canadian Ethanol Production to Increase

By Staff | August 12, 2013

An annual biofuels report filed with the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service Global Information Network predicts that the Canadian ethanol production will increase by approximately 4 percent this year. Canadian ethanol plants are expected to produce approximately 1.98 billion liters (523.06 million gallons) of ethanol this year, up from 1.09 billion liters in 2012. Production is projected to increase further in 2014, reaching 2.01 billion liters.

According to the report, 15 ethanol plants are expected to be operational in Canada this year, representing a combined capacity of more than 1.8 billion liters. The report estimates that approximately 99 percent of that capacity is currently in use. 

In 2013, Canadian producers are expected to use corn as feedstock for 78 percent of the ethanol used, with 21 percent derived from wheat. Corn oil production has also increased in recent years, reaching 96,000 metric tons last year.