Believers, Nonbelievers, Activists and Antagonists

By Mike Bryan | September 23, 2013

Some say renewable energy is like a religion. I suppose it has some of the elements of a religion, in that you have believers, nonbelievers, activists and antagonists and many of the same highly intense efforts to spread the word or deny its relevancy.

While believers work tirelessly to promote renewable energy, nonbelievers mount a never-ending assault of doubt, misinformation, pseudo-science and lies. Renewable energy activists are pounding the message home in the halls of Congress and the antagonists are working equally hard to discredit it.

In truth, the comparison probably ends there but as a person who has been involved in renewable energy for nearly 30 years, once you become a believer it is very difficult to simply turn your back and walk away. Truth is, for many of us, you probably never walk away, you just get carried away, so to speak.

It’s important to keep in mind that the ethanol industry is just a cog in a much larger wheel of renewable energy technologies, its relevance is diminished without the rest of the cogs, like biodiesel, wind, solar, and a plethora of other emerging clean alternative fuels. Whatever form of renewable energy people are engaged in, it’s natural to think that they can stand alone, but in fact without each other, it would be virtually impossible to succeed. We are all intrinsically bound together by a higher calling, a sense of right and wrong and a passion for the preservation of our environment.

As I have said before, time is on our side. Renewable energy will prevail over fossil fuels, it has to, there is no choice. In what form has yet to be determined but renewable energy will continue to evolve and, in the end, will prevail. 

To those who are new to this industry, you are engaging in important work. You will become the bulwark against the antagonists and the non-believers. It will be your job, nay, privilege to carry the banner of clean domestic energy forward and spread the word.

OK, I have gone on long enough now with this analogy. Suffice to say, this is a great and challenging industry that will not only provide those who work in it with a great career opportunity, but one that will change the course of history for generations to come. Amen!

That’s the way I see it.