You’re No Dummy Campaign Fights Back

By Tom Buis | September 23, 2013

For far too long, Big Oil has run a campaign of misinformation and unsubstantiated attacks against the renewable fuels industry. Big Oil would rather mislead the public by disseminating false claims about the renewable fuel standard (RFS) and homegrown biofuels in an effort to confuse consumers. 

They claim the RFS isn’t working. That it isn’t supporting our domestic economy, our rural communities, our energy security and our future. 

Our industry knows this is blatantly wrong. We know the RFS is working, and it is working well. And, it’s time the American consumers know they’re being deceived. 

That’s why Growth Energy has taken a big stand against Big Oil’s propaganda with the new You’re No Dummy campaign. It features nationwide commercials, an interactive website and fights back against the efforts to stop the growth of clean, green, renewable fuels. 

The oil industry doesn’t want the American public to know that homegrown ethanol is revitalizing rural communities nationwide, supporting nearly 400,000 domestic jobs that cannot be outsourced, and contributing more than $40 billion to our economy every year; higher blends of ethanol are lowering prices at the pump for consumers; renewable fuels are better for the environment, substantially reducing greenhouse gas emissions; and, this industry is reducing our dangerous dependence on foreign oil.

Big Oil has seen the positive and real effects of American ethanol and the RFS, and they’re scared of competition at the pump. They’re pouring millions of dollars into lobbying and ads to deceive the American public from the truth about the value and importance of ethanol, renewables and the RFS. 

Instead of looking ahead to the future and recognizing the importance of renewable fuels to our energy sector, environment, economy and national security, Big Oil is desperately clinging to the past—a past entrenched in oil’s monopoly over the liquid fuels market. Big Oil is doing everything it can to block renewable fuels from the marketplace to avoid losing even an inch of its booming profits. The top five companies made almost $120 billion in profits in 2012 alone, and almost $50 billion in 2013 already. 

We can’t stand for this misinformation and deception any longer. American consumers deserve access to cheaper, cleaner renewable fuels, and deserve to know the truth. 

We know we’re the little guy in this David vs. Goliath battle. While we can’t match Big Oil dollar for dollar, we have the truth on our side. Help us share this simple message: You’re no dummy, don’t let the oil industry treat you like one. 

It is time consumers are allowed a choice when they fill up at the pump, a choice that allows them to not only save their own hard-earned income but also spend their money on an American product that creates American jobs, promotes energy independence and improves our environment.  

Author: Tom BuisCEO,
Growth Energy