Germany Leads EU Ethanol use, France Top Producer

By Staff | September 23, 2013

EurObserv’ER has released its annual Biofuels Barometer, reporting biofuel consumption in the EU grew 2.9 percent from 2011 to 2012, reaching nearly 14.4 million metric tons of oil equivalent (toe). Biofuels accounted for approximately 4.7 percent of the E.U.’s transportation fuel last year. 

Ethanol accounted for only 19.9 percent of biofuel consumed in Europe during 2012, with biodiesel accounting for the vast majority of the balance. Small volumes of vegetable oil and biogas were also consumed.

Germany led in ethanol consumption with 805,460 toe consumed, followed by France, the U.K., Spain and Sweden. France produced the most ethanol in Europe, with 1.2 billion liters (317 million gallons), followed by Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. 

According to the report, Abengoa Bioenergy had the most production capacity in Europe last year, featuring six plants and a combined capacity of 1.281 billion liters.