Atlantic Canada shows promise for advanced ethanol production

By Staff | October 11, 2013

The Atlantic Council for Bioenergy Co-operative, in partnership with BioAtlantech New Brunswick, has released a report exploring the potential to develop a biofuels industry in Atlantic Canada. The report, titled “Fueling the Future: Atlantic Canada’s Bioenergy Opportunities Project,” finds that biofuel production in the region could generate $1.5 billion in gross domestic product, $273 million in tax revenues and 10,000 jobs over five years. 

While the report specified Atlantic Canada would have to produce about 250 million liters of ethanol to meet its renewable fuel goals, the market potential is significantly greater as regional feedstocks, such as sugar beets, could be used to produce fuel to meet U.S. renewable fuel standard (RFS) mandates. 

The report also discusses a tool developed by Gardner Pinfold Consultants Inc. that is designed to assess the financial viability of a project based on feedstock, plant scale, pre-construction and construction costs, financing, operational costs and revenues.