Advanced biofuel stakeholders unite in Omaha

By Staff | October 11, 2013

In September, the National Advanced Biofuel Conference & Expo brought members of the biofuels industry together in Omaha, Neb. Michael McAdams, president of the Advanced Biofuel Association, kicked off the opening session of the event with a simple, but powerful message—now is the time to unite. McAdams urged all members of the biofuels industry, whether first-generation biofuels, cellulosic biofuels or drop-in fuels, to work together to protect the industry that has been built over the past 30 years, particularly the renewable fuels standard (RFS). 

The event also featured updates on cellulosic ethanol products delivered by representatives of Abengoa Bioenergy S.A., Poet-DSM Advanced Biofuels LLC and Ineos Bio.  A preconference event, the Corn Stover Harvest & Transport Seminar, addressed the technological, logistical and environmental issues of using corn stover as an advanced biofuel feedstock, while industry tours highlighted the co-located BioProcess Algae production facility and Green Plains Renewable Energy ethanol plant.