PEI estimates E15 conversion costs

By Staff | October 11, 2013

The Petroleum Equipment Institute recently published estimates of the cost to convert a fuel station from one that dispenses E10 to one that supplies E15 in response to a request made by the USDA. The estimates are based on a survey of PEI members from across the nation. 

Depending upon the specific upgrades needed and the number of fuel pumps present as a particular station, the estimates spanned from as low as $1,000 per station for an upgrade that requires only labeling and signage changes to just over $320,000 to retrofit a 10-pump station that requires existing dispensers and hanging hardware to be replaced, along with a new underground storage system. 

The PEI’s analysis includes estimates addressing several scenarios, including the need to replace above ground and underground equipment. The institute also compares the cost to build a new station that supplies blends of up to E10 with one that supplies E15.