The Year That Wasn’t

Bob Dinneeen writes the Renewable Fuels Association annual in and out list after a year in which the EPA announced it was delaying the publication of the annual RVO rule for 2014.
By Bob Dinneen | December 12, 2014

Like the “Who Shot JR” season of “Dallas,” the U.S. EPA apparently thought 2014 was just a dream that never happened. When the agency awoke in November and announced that it would not publish the renewable volume obligation  (RVO) rule for 2014 until sometime in 2015, refiners and ethanol producers alike were left to watch reruns of government dysfunction.  But the year did happen, and quite a year it was.  Ethanol production and blending broke records.  Exports picked up.  E15 and E85 sales increased.  And the first cellulosic ethanol gallons were produced.  So here, in satiric tribute to the year that wasn’t, is our annual in and out list.





Annual RVOs
EPW Chairman Boxer
Phantom fuels
DOT-111 Rail Car
Corn/DDG exports to China
Ice bucket challenges
Food vs. fuel canard
Big Food complains about $8 corn
E15 hyperbole

Computer models predicting ILUC
$100-per-barrel oil
EPA RVO hearings
API RFS lawsuits
Infrastructure need
Midterm elections
API anti-RFS ad campaign
RFA Chairman Neill McKinstray

Multiyear RVOs
EPW Chairman Inhofe
D3 RIN production
RFA advocacy app
Rail delays
Ethanol going global
E85 pump photo contests
Record corn production and yield
Big Food Complaints about $4 corn
E15 warranty coverage for two-thirds of new      vehicles
Real world data showing no ILUC
Saudi oil production quotas
Congressional RFS hearings
AFPM RVO Lawsuit
Prime the Pump
2016 presidential campaign
Fuels America pro-RFS ad campaign
RFA Chairman Randy Doyal

Author: Bob Dinneen
President and CEO,
Renewable Fuels Association