RFS in the limelight

Bob Dinneen presents his annual in and out list in a column that appears in the December issue of EPM.
By Bob Dinneen | November 17, 2015

2015 has been a historic year for the biofuels industry, particularly in terms of the renewable fuel standard (RFS). The ethanol industry began the year on a high note. In January, the EPA released renewable identification number (RIN) generation data showing that ethanol producers met 2014 statutory RFS requirements, even without a final rule generated by the U.S. EPA. That good news was dampened a few months later when the EPA proposed to slash the RVO blending requirements called for in the RFS.

This was also a year when the industry successfully fended off a number of attacks, including the misinformation campaigns generated by Big Oil, the American Motorcycle Association, and Boat Owners Association of the United States, among others that were designed to mislead the public about ethanol.

2016 will, no doubt, have plenty in store for the biofuels industry. Without further delay, I present my annual in and out list.


EPA's 2014–'16 RVO proposal
Speaker Boehner
Exxon global warming denials
"Blend wall"
Candidate obfuscation on RFS
Smarter Fuel Future
Renewable Super  Premium
Sensenbrenner E15 pique
Jay Leno's misinformation
Advanced Ethanol Council
American Motorcycle Association criticism of ethanol
Misleading Big Oil ad campaigns
Old but informative RFA website
Food vs. fuel
Foreign gasoline imports
RFS legislation
Rail congestion
Petroleum industry-funded polemics

308,000 pro-RFS comments to EPA
Speaker Ryan
Pope's carbon encyclical
USDA's Biofuel Infrastructure Partnership
America's Renewable Future
Americans for Energy Security and Innovation
High Octane Fund
E15 warranties from Detroit's "Big Three"
Auto expert mythbusting
Advanced Biofuels Business Council
Record turnout for Sturgis "Free Fuel Happy Hour" 
Fuels America pro RFS response
All-new and even more informative Ethanolrfa.org
Food and fuel
American ethanol exports
RFS litigation
Falling crude by rail demand
RFA technical, peer reviewed

Author: Bob Dinneen
President and CEO,
Renewable Fuels Association