Racing Professionals Help Educate Professionals

In this month's Drive column, Growth Energy's CEO outlines the partnership with racing professionals to demonstrate why ethanol is a good choice for powering engines and the planet. The column appears in the June print issue.
By Emily Skor | May 26, 2017

Consumers place a premium on the health benefit or impact of the products they purchase and consume every day. Growth Energy is focused not only on showing consumers why ethanol is a great choice for their vehicle, but also on engaging them around the health and environmental benefits of ethanol. We know that ethanol has higher octane and that it burns cleaner and cooler than standard gasoline. This means it provides additional power while helping to maintain engine performance and longevity. We also know that ethanol reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 43 percent and replaces harmful chemicals like benzene and toluene in gasoline. These are facts about ethanol, but our mission is to translate these facts into messages that consumers relate to, care about and understand.

Maintaining key partnerships is a critical element of Growth Energy’s strategy to engage consumers and give them a holistic picture of why ethanol is the right choice for their vehicle, their personal health and the well-being of our planet. We are proud to work with Kyle Mohan of Kyle Mohan Racing and Keith Holmes of Cat Can Do Racing on our engagement efforts. Both Kyle and Keith are ethanol advocates at the professional and personal levels, which is extremely important to us.

Kyle Mohan not only competes in the Formula Drift Series, but as owner of Kyle Mohan Racing, he’s actively involved in a variety of professional services including custom part design, race and drift car builds, and component installation. He knows cars inside and out, and is a believer in American Ethanol on the track. For Kyle, though, the benefits of ethanol go beyond power and engine performance.

As he puts it, “As a professional driver and racecar builder, I really admire the power ethanol provides to vehicles competing in world class professional motor sports series, including Formula Drift. Ethanol allows my motor to generate more horsepower while running cooler. What is also important to me and my family, who are a deep part of my race team, is an appreciation for the outdoors and minimizing our impact on the environment. In fact, my wife Adrienne is the conservation director of a nonprofit environmental organization in the Los Angeles area, and she is also my team spotter. She loves that ethanol is a clean fuel that doesn't add carbon to the atmosphere, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and comes from a sustainable source that is light on the land versus damaging and risky fossil fuel extraction methods. We both feel good competing on track with ethanol knowing that it’s environmentally friendly and gives me a competitive edge.”

Meanwhile, Keith Holmes, owner of CK Motorsports and throttle man of the American Ethanol Cat Can Do Catamaran, brings a marine perspective to the ethanol conversation. Keith is an expert who can credibly speak to how ethanol functions in boat engines. The ethanol industry often sees misinformation circulating about issues with E10 in marine engines, and as someone who works on 1,100 to 1,200 boat engines per year, Keith is the perfect person to dispel those myths. He runs a high ethanol blend in his championship-winning boat, but values what ethanol brings beyond sheer power and performance.

As Keith says, “I think of ethanol as an earth friendly fuel which helps preserve our great lakes with less carbon, making for cleaner water—one of our most precious resources for drinking, recreation and seafood. At the same time, Cat Can Do uses ethanol to power its 3,400 horsepower engines to be one of the fastest boats in the world. With its earth friendly, cleaner burning benefits and amazing power enhancement, it’s just too hard to ignore how great a fuel ethanol truly is.”

In partnership with these engine experts, we are telling the story of ethanol’s many successes to the American public and driving them to truly consider their choice at the pump. And consumers are responding by reaching for higher ethanol blends like E15. Our goal is to allow American drivers to feel better about the fuel powering their lives, and through our partnerships with premier experts in performance motorsports who truly believe in ethanol, we are doing just that.

Author: Emily Skor
CEO, Growth Energy