FEW: Winning golf teams go deep at Nashville's Hermitage

By Tom Bryan | June 02, 2008
Web exclusive posted June 16, 2008 at 11:10 p.m. CST

While Tiger Woods eked out his fourteenth career major, winning the U.S. Open in a Monday playoff in San Diego, FEW golfers took to the links at Nashville's acclaimed Hermitage Golf Course complex June 16.

The U.S. Open had one of the strongest fields in golf, but the FEW outing had one of the largest. Well over 200 playersroughly 60 foursomes teed it up at the Hermitage's two beautiful courses, playing concurrent 18-hole tournaments Monday morning. There was plenty of action on both sides with giveaways and multiple prizes to be had by players of all skill levels. Golfers on both courses had an opportunity to win a 2008 General Motors flexible-fuel vehicle by making a hole-in-one, but no aces were recorded this year.

On the 6,800-yard General's Retreat Coursea well-bunkered, watery stretch of holes running along the Cumberland Riverthe first-place team of Linda Kruckenberg (CPM), Ron Fuller (CPM), Dave Ronemous (CPM) and David Zimmerman (Lincolnway Energy LLC) finished with the low round of 65. Also coming in with a 65, but finishing second based on handicapped holes was the team of Larry Groce (Bratney Cos.), Don Pottymeyer (Pioneer Pipe), Dave Ziola (ISCO) and Tom Titus (ISCO). Third place (66) went to the foursome of Roger Harasty (Avid), Rick Herman (Avid), Dale Pelzl (Determan Brownie) and Joe Wade (Indiana Ethanol Power). Last but not least place (81) was the raucous Rafy Nieves (BBI), Isabel Gomez Macias (BBI), Kim Portz (Novozymes) and Walt Valiant (GPC). Longest drive on the general's course went to Bob Blackburn (U.S. Tsubaki) and Melissa Schulz (General Motors).

On the President's Reserve Coursea "stroll through nature, wandering through 300 acres of natural wetlands"the scores came in a little lower. The purportedly "stacked" team of Doug Deland (The Andersons), Chris Reed (The Andersons), Zac Cudney (Inland Industrial) and Chris Daniels (Inland Industrial) went deep with a blistering 61. Coming in at 63 was David Stewart (Andress), Tommy Armstrong (Andress), Erik Lemke (Chemtreat) and John Wendt (Chemtreat). A few shots higher at 65 was David Gillespie (Go-Ethanol), Mike Newland (Go-Ethanol), Chris Kerr (ConAgra) and Cory Dencklau (ConAgra). The foursome of Chuck Woodside (KAAPA), Corey Ludwig (KAAPA), James Lago (Eaton) and Craig Annable (Eaton) tallied the lowest score on the course with a respectable (and patently honest) 86. Longest drive on the president's course went to Chris Kerr (ConAgra) and Marlene Mueller (Novozymes).

Nice round, everyone! See you on the links next year!