Advanced Biofuels Workshop to feature author Zubrin

By Jerry W. Kram | August 04, 2008
Leading-edge speakers and topics will be the focus of BBI International Inc.'s Advanced Biofuels Workshop & Trade Show to be held Sept. 28-30 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Because the federal renewable fuels standard requires that 21 billion gallons of advanced biofuels be consumed by 2022, the event will address where and how these biofuels will be produced and marketed.

Robert Zubrin, author of Energy Victory: Winning the War on Terror by Breaking Free of Oil, will be the keynote speaker at the workshop. In his book, Zubrin shows how the United States could be using money spent on fuel to help domestic and international farmers instead of sending it to countries with ties to terrorism. He will offer a new vision of how switching to alcohol-based fuels could help safeguard homeland security, and provide solutions for global warming and third-world development.

Leading companies in the biochemical and thermochemical conversion of biomass into fuel are invited to present how they have brought their technologies to the edge of commercial viability. Breakout sessions will also address managing feedstock logistics, future feedstock options, markets for advanced biofuels and biofuels technologies of the future. The workshop is aimed at giving investors, project developers, engineering companies, technology providers, feedstock suppliers and policymakers an opportunity to examine leading-edge biofuel technologies.

Advanced registration is available until Sept. 15. Interested parties can register, view the agenda and find more information at Booth sales and sponsorship opportunities are also available. For more information about sponsoring the event, e-mail For more information about booth sales, e-mail