Council names ethanol executives to board

By | October 06, 2008
Three ethanol plant executives have been named to the board of directors of the newly formed American Ag & Energy Council, an organization that aims to bridge gaps between the agriculture, agribusiness and renewable energy sectors. The ethanol executives are Ray Defenbaugh, president and chief executive officer of Big River Resources LLC in Burlington, Iowa; Bruce Rastetter, chief executive officer of Hawkeye Energy Holdings LLC in Ames, Iowa; and Walter Wendland, president and chief executive officer of Golden Grain Energy LLC in Mason City, Iowa. Defenbaugh, who is also a director for the Renewable Fuels Association, said the council aims to show that it's not just ethanol producers who support ethanol. "When people hear the story from a company that's producing ethanol, they might assume that it's a biased story," he said. "However, we think we've got a very valid story within the ethanol industry, and so we're trying to bring in voices from within the agricultural community that would validate the positive facts that we have to present about ethanol and [distillers grains]."