GreenField Ethanol starts production

By Bryan Sims | January 03, 2009
Web exclusive posted Dec. 19, 2008 at 12:52 p.m. CST

Toronto-based GreenField Ethanol, Canada's largest ethanol producer, has confirmed that its 200 MMly (53 MMgy) corn-based ethanol plant in Johnstown, Ontario, has completed construction and is producing ethanol.

The company began grinding corn Dec. 8 and officially began ethanol production Dec. 8. By Dec. 10, the plant had reached its full capacity, according to GreenField Ethanol Vice President Marty Cormier.

"This is excellent timing for this type of plant technology; the best result possible," he said. "We are thrilled with the way the facility is operating."

GreenField Ethanol's first shipment of ethanol from the Johnstown facility was delivered to Imperial Oil on Dec. 10. The Johnstown plant will process approximately 20 million bushels of corn annually; one-third of that will be returned to farmers as feed in the form of dried distillers grains with solubles.

Under the Ethanol Expansion Program, the Canadian federal government contributed $15 million for the construction of the Johnstown facility came from the Canadian federal government.

GreenField Ethanol' Johnstown plant startup comes on the heels of Integrated Grain Processors Cooperative Ethanol Inc.'s grand opening of its 150 MMly (39 MMgy) corn-based facility in Aylmer, Ontario, on Dec. 17.(Read "IGPC starts up Ontario ethanol plant.")

With the opening of GreenField Ethanol and IGPC's ethanol plants, there are now 14 operating ethanol plants in Canada with a total production capacity of 1.43 billion liters (370 MMgy). In Ontario there are 6 plants in operation with a total production capacity of 812 MMly (approximately 214 MMgy). Two facilities are under construction with an expected combined capacity of 105 MMly (28 MMgy).