NEVC: E85 available at 1,900 fuel stations

By Anna Austin | January 03, 2009
Web exclusive posted Jan. 9, 2009, at 2:26 p.m. CST

The National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition announced the number of U.S. retail fueling stations offering E85 has reached 1,900.

The Stop In Food Store #67 in Charlottesville, Va., is the latest station to provide two E85 fueling dispensers. The facility also offers two biodiesel and 12 gasoline dispensers. The 10,000 gallon compartment tank at the station holds 4,000 gallons of biodiesel and 6,000 gallons of E85.

According to NEVC, a year ago there were only 1,430 fueling stations across the nation offering E85.

"It's encouraging to see the number of E85 stations continue to grow even as we deal with issues relating to testing lab certifications and low price of gasoline," said NEVC Executive Director Phil Lampert.

The milestone of reaching 2,000 U.S. E85 fueling stations is in the near future. "Winter weather slows down construction and remodeling," Lampert said. He projected the number to reach 2,000 in May or June.

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