Alberta joins other provinces with ethanol standards

By | February 04, 2009
Canadian province Alberta announced Dec. 11 that it's adopting a renewable fuels standard (RFS). The policy was announced as part of Alberta's Provincial Energy Strategy, a long-term action plan to help the province achieve clean energy production, wise energy use and sustained economic prosperity. The RFS, scheduled to take effect in 2010, will require 5 percent ethanol per gallon of gasoline.

Four other Canadian provinces have enacted similar standards. British Columbia will require 5 percent renewable content in gasoline and diesel by 2010. Saskatchewan enacted a 7.5 percent ethanol requirement in gasoline in 2006, and Manitoba required 8.5 percent ethanol in gasoline starting in 2008. Ontario also enacted a 5 percent ethanol mandate in gasoline in 2007 and is proposing to expand this requirement to 10 percent in 2009.

In addition, the Canadian government is in the process of implementing a federal RFS. The federal standard will require 5 percent ethanol to be included in gasoline by 2010.
For a map detailing individual Canadian and U.S. RFS policies, see pages 36-37.