EIA projects oil, biofuels consumption

By | February 04, 2009
In December, the U.S. Energy Information Administration released a report that projects no growth in U.S. oil consumption through 2030, a first in more than 20 years due in part to the increased blending of renewable fuels. The report also found that by 2030, cellulosic ethanol blending in the U.S., including imported volumes, will only reach 12.6 billion gallons. The federal renewable fuels standard (RFS) mandates 16 billion gallons of cellulosic biofuel to be blended into U.S. supplies by 2022.

Following the release of the EIA report, newly formed ethanol advocacy group Growth Energy issued a statement of concern regarding mainstream media outlets across the country that may have focused more on the renewable fuels shortfall. "To the unbiased observer, the real news has been overlooked here," Growth Energy stated. "As more biofuels are needed, specifically in the area of cellulosic ethanol as outlined in the RFS, the ingenuity of the American ethanol industry won't let us down."