EPA to host new RIN system webinar

By Ron Kotrba | February 04, 2009
Web exclusive posted Feb. 12, 2009, at 5:28 p.m. CST

On Feb. 12, Clean Fuels Clearinghouse applauded the U.S. EPA for its decision to implement what is called a Moderated Transaction System (MTS) for controlling renewable identification number (RIN) credits.

The EPA is hosting a webinar on Feb. 25 at 1 p.m. EST to "lay out EPA concepts for the new RIN MTS, and to solicit feedback from the regulated industry about the system." Registration for the webinar is limited to 200 participants on a first come first serve. To register, send an e-mail to FuelsProgramsReporting@epa.gov; the subject line should read: EPA MTS WEBINAR REGISTRATION.

Following the webinar, participants will be able to e-mail the EPA with questions, suggestions and discussions regarding MTS. The agency noted specifically that the webinar will not address any other aspect of the renewable fuels standard enacted in the Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007 outside of the MTS topic.

"Recognizing the large number of invalid RINs in the marketplace, our membership is pleased to see EPA take decisive steps that will safeguard all industry participants against erroneous and fraudulent acts," Clean Fuels Clearinghouse President Clayton McMartin said. "We are pleased to see EPA's interest in improving the program and will continue in our collaboration efforts to make the nation's renewable fuel standard as successful as possible."

Clean Fuels Clearinghouse, which operates the renewable fuel registry RINSTAR, and its 150-plus members have been working in collaboration with the EPA since December 2008. RINSTAR has identified nearly 16,000 invalid RINs since September 2007. More information about MTS will be available after the webinar.

On Dec. 11, U.S. Sen. Jeff Bingaman, D-N.M., sent a letter to then-EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson, stating that McMartin was meeting with senior EPA staff "to discuss possible cooperation between EPA and Clean Fuels Clearinghouse on a federal register as a component of the advanced Renewable Fuel Standard."