World energy use to double by 2030

By | July 08, 2009
The U.S. DOE Energy Information Administration predicts that worldwide energy demand will double by 2030, according to the administration's annual International Energy Outlook.

Developing countries, led by China, India and various countries in the Middle East, will drive the increasing energy demand. EIA international energy analyst Linda Doman said that consumption increases in developing countries will grow 73 percent by 2030 and will eventually drive oil prices to very high levels.

Because of the projected high oil prices, ethanol and biodiesel are predicted to play greater roles in supplying alternative liquid fuels to the world market. Particularly strong increases in biofuels consumption are expected in the U.S. and in developed areas of Europe. Parts of Asia, Central America and South America are expected to experience notable growth in the production of biofuels by 2030.