RFA Update

By | October 06, 2009
Summer photo contest winners selected
The RFA's Flex-Fuel Challenge Summer Photo Contest, designed to engage consumers on the use of ethanol by asking them to share their favorite summer picture, received more than 1,100 submissions in June and July.

The Grand Prize was awarded to Rich Johnson of Omaha, Neb. His photo, "Smelling the Wildflowers," was judged on creativity as well as quality. For his effort, Johnson received a $1,000 fueling card.
Heather Litton of Westerville, Ohio, received the Most Voted award for her photo submission. She was awarded $100 in fuel.

"Educating consumers is all about engaging them where they live and in ways that motivate them to act," said Robert White, RFA director of market development. "Based on this contest alone, tens of thousands of Americans were exposed to ethanol-related information, many for the first time."

This year's summer photo contest is the second in a series of similar promotional events by the RFA. The first involved a challenge to college students to explain what renewable meant to them, either by video or picture. Submissions are currently being accepted for the Favorite Photo from Sturgis contest.

Educating the next generation of biofuel visionariesThe RFA and the Renewable Fuels Foundation partnered with teachers and the National FFA Organization to provide tens of thousands of high school students information about the opportunities available to them in the field of renewable fuels. In addition, the RFF is offering scholarships for students to attend the February National Ethanol Conference in Orlando, Fla., free of charge.

"America's energy future rests squarely in its high school classrooms today," said Mike Jerke, chairman of the RFF and general manager of Quad County Corn Processors in Galva, Iowa. "It is these future scientists, engineers and dreamers that will supply both the manpower as well as the brain power necessary to break our addiction to fossil fuels. We are proud to be partnering with the National FFA to make these students aware of the vast opportunities offered by a robust renewable fuels industry."

The curriculum was designed to provide FFA members—many who already have an understanding of agriculture and other related industries—with details about the nature of the renewable fuels industry. The curriculum focuses on the ethanol production process, the benefits of ethanol production, the interplay between renewable fuels and agriculture, and a wide range of other issues. The lessons are available through the Team Ag Ed Learning Center, a website designed to provide agriculture teachers with new and exciting instructional materials, tools and resources.

The RFF is offering 10 scholarships to cover the cost of the registration fee for the National Ethanol Conference. Students will be required to submit an essay detailing how attending the NEC will benefit their academic goals, outline their experience with renewable energy industries, supply a copy of school transcripts, and have a grade point average of 3.0 or better. The offer is only open to U.S.-based students and non-commercial individuals.

The application deadline for students is Nov. 30. Students will be responsible for costs incurred traveling to/from and lodging at the NEC. More information is available by emailing necscholarship@renewablefuelsfoundation.org.