200th E85 location opens in Illinois

By | December 09, 2009
The Shiloh, Ill.-based Green Mount Motomart became the 200th Illinois fueling station to offer E85 on Oct. 23. As part of the festivities, each flex fuel vehicle (FFV) owner who filled their car with E85 on that day received a $10 coupon to be applied to their fuel purchase.

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn spoke at the event. "It's vitally important that we continue to bring E85 stations to all parts of Illinois," he said. "E85 saves money when you fill up your tank, supports Illinois agriculture and jobs, and keeps our air clean."

The event was sponsored by Motomart, the Mon-Clair County Corn Growers Association, the Illinois Corn Marketing Board, the American Lung Association in Illinois, and the Illinois Renewable Fuels Association.