Study: climate policy will create jobs

By | December 09, 2009
A new national economic impact study performed at the University of California-Berkeley found that passage of a comprehensive national climate policy will create jobs, increase personal income and boost the nation's gross domestic product, without increasing energy costs to the consumer.

The study was an organized collaboration across three universities, said David Roland-Holst, lead author of the study and economics professor at UC-Berkeley. To complete the study, researchers created a state-of-the-art forecasting model that provides national- and state-level detail of the economic effects of national climate policy.

According to Holst, there are three pillars of national climate policy that must be delivered in unison to order to realize these benefits: reducing carbon emissions, improving energy efficiency and promoting renewable energy alternatives.

Holst said Michigan specifically stands to gain from such a policy, as the state could benefit approximately 40,000 additional jobs and increase personal income by $600 to $1,000 per person by 2020.