ICM builds new energy center for Tharaldson Ethanol

By Craig A. Johnson | December 09, 2009
Report posted Dec. 10, 2009, at 12:07 p.m. CST

ICM Inc. recently announced it intends to meet a tight Feb. 1 deadline to rebuild the energy center at Tharaldson Ethanol's 110 MMgy facility in Casselton, N.D. The quad-dryer, dual RTO system ICM will install will replace original equipment that proved too limiting and did not allow the plant to reach its maximum production rate.

According to Kory Wilson, ICM project manager, the timeline doesn't allow for much variation, so ICM must make sure it uses time wisely. The project for Tharaldson has been designed in such a way that work can progress as quickly as possible. While one team of concrete workers completes a pour, another team of millwrights is working on assembling machinery while yet another team of iron workers tackles their tasks. "We've put together a good schedule where we can complete all parts of the project in stages," Wilson said.

To meet the timeline, ICM was able to speed the manufacturing process and currently has over 60 team members on-site. "We had the opportunity over the past two or three years to get the experience in the field," Wilson said. "We were able to get the experienced workers we've had on all the past projects out to Tharaldson and draw on their experience. That's been a huge value to us."

The Tharaldson project is best described as a retrofit, which includes routing the syrup to the dryers. ICM will also extend the electrical power and control from existing motor control centers and will install and start up the equipment.

In addition, ICM will remain on-site to provide extensive training for the plant's employees and has been contracted as the management service for the plant. This will be the first plant that ICM has been contracted to manage on behalf of another company.