Ethanol plants utilize one-quarter of U.S. sorghum production

By | January 04, 2010
According to a study funded by the United Sorghum Checkoff Program, approximately 29 percent of the grain sorghum produced by U.S. farmers is currently used to manufacture ethanol. The study, which was conducted by Agri-Energy Solutions Inc., aimed to gather information that will aid USCP in reaching its goal of increasing the inclusion rate of grain sorghum in ethanol 50 percent by 2011.

To complete the study, AES surveyed ethanol plants located near large-scale sorghum production regions. Data gathered from 14 ethanol plants located in Texas and Kansas illustrated that these facilities reported using 248 million bushels of grain in 2008, including 128 million bushels of grain sorghum, to produce 644 million gallons of ethanol. Although the plants took in less than 1 percent of the nation's total corn production in 2008, they utilized 27 percent of the nation's sorghum production.