Purdue to study impacts of second-generation biofuels

By | January 04, 2010
Purdue University received a $933,000 grant from the USDA in November to complete a two-year research project, titled "Analysis of the Global Impacts of Second Generation Biofuels in the Context of Other Energy Technologies and Alternative Economic and Climate Change Options."

The funding will be used to conduct research on the global impacts of second-generation biofuels. The analysis will build upon previous research of policy alternatives and the land use impacts of first-generation biofuels.

According to Tom Hertel, ag economics professor at Purdue and project co-investigator, the project will seek to determine how the water demands of second-generation biofuels production compares with other technologies. The research will also evaluate the technical and economic potential of second-generation biofuels compared with other technologies under alternative policy regimes, such as carbon pricing, government subsidies and mandates. In addition, the research will estimate how feedstock production could affect food and feed crop production prices.

The project will be jointly conducted by Purdue, the University of Illinois and Brookhaven National Laboratory.