Ferrari race fuel uses cellulosic component

By Luke Geiver | March 16, 2010
Posted March 23, 2010

The working group between Iogen Corp. and Shell Co. has gained another member in Scuderia Ferrari. In March, Shell supplied Ferrari with a Formula One race fuel, Shell V-Power, that contained an advanced biofuel component derived from cellulosic ethanol. Produced at Iogen's Canadian demonstration plant in Ottawa, Ontario, from a wheat-straw feedstock, the use of an advanced biofuel is the first for Ferrari.

"We are delighted that the fuel we are supplying to Scuderia Ferrari this season contains an advanced bio-component derived from Iogen cellulosic ethanol," said Lisa Lilley, Shell's technology manager for Ferrari. Since 2008, Formula One race fuel has been required to contain by weight, 5.75 percent of a biocomponent. Lilley said the use of the cellulosic component demonstrates Shell's commitment to sustainable, low carbon fuels. "At Shell, we are accelerating the research, development and demonstration of advanced biofuels and we are committed to technical innovation through our motorsport activities."

Shell, a 50 percent owner of Iogen's Energy division, is working with Iogen to develop another commercial cellulosic ethanol plant in Saskatchewan, Canada. The project already has contracts signed with 600 farmers to supply wheat straw to the facility for use as feedstock.