Brazil pursues clean energy projects

By | April 15, 2010
According to data released in late March by the Pew Charitable Trusts, Brazil invested $7.5 billion in the clean energy sector in 2009. That put the country sixth on a list of G-20 countries committed to investing in clean energy and ranked it as the second fastest clean energy investment growth rate among those same countries.

One example of Brazilian investment in ethanol came with the merger of Brazilian biofuel producers ETH Bioenergy and the Brazilian Renewable Energy Co. The new company, operating under the name ETH Bioenergy, will have roughly 790 MMgy of ethanol capacity and will produce 2,700 gigawatts of electricity from sugarcane bagasse by 2013, putting the newly formed company's total ethanol capacity among the world's highest.

Two other companies, Shell International Petroleum Co. Ltd. and Cosan S.A., signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding to form a $12 billion joint venture in Brazil for the production of ethanol and related activities. Other news from Brazil is focused on building pipelines for transporting ethanol. With that goal in mind, Petrobras, the Brazilian oil producer, formed a corporation, Uniduto, with Japan's Mitsui Co. and real estate developer Camargo Correa S.A.