Southeastern Illinois College adds online biofuels courses

By | May 21, 2010
Southeastern Illinois College will offer biofuel-based courses this fall. Titled Energy 111-Introduction to Biofuels, and Energy 151-Ethanol Production, the courses will be taught by Renee Loesche, a visiting instructor. Loesche, who has trained with Genencor, Abengoa and Monsanto, plans to cover everything from indirect land use to the future of cellulosic ethanol. After visiting with current industry professionals from Blendstar LLC and Green Plains Renewable Energy LLC, interim president of Southeastern, Jonah Rice, said chemistry, mathematics and communication skills are all aspects biofuel companies look for in new employees. The courses will cost $300 each and Dana Keating, vice president of academic affairs, said anyone could apply for the online course.