Corn stover pretreatment studied

By | May 21, 2010
A South Dakota State University study has identified a pretreatment process for corn stover as a feedstock for cellulosic ethanol production that results in a 75 percent recovery of glucose, 49 percent recovery of xylose and 61 percent recovery of combined sugar. Researchers used extrusion, a widely used pretreatment process in the snack food, feed and plastic industries, at different temperatures, screw speeds and enzymes. The best results came at a screw speed of 75 rpm, barrel temperature of 125 degrees Celsius and a 1:4 combination of the enzymes cellulase and beta-glucosidase during hydrolysis. The results of the study, conducted by SDSU professor Kasiviswanathan Muthukumarappan and graduate research assistant Chinnadurai Karunanithy, were published in the Journal of Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology.