California, Illinois add E85 stations

By | July 15, 2010
California-based Pearson Fuels has opened an E85 station in San Jacinto Valley, Calif., with plans for more. Funded by the non-profit Community Environmental Council and the California Air Resources Board, the station offers "alternative fuel now," according to Mike Lewis, co-owner of Pearson Fuels. Lewis said the company also received funds for two biodiesel terminals in northern and southern Calif.
In Illinois, a Sullivan station that is the first to receive funding from the Illinois Corn Marketing Board will soon offer E30, E50 and E85. "We need more awareness of the benefits of higher blends of ethanol," said Tricia Braid Terry of the Illinois Corn Marketing Board. The Blender Pump Incentive Pilot Program will present the owner of the Sullivan station with a $20,000 grant. The Illinois Corn Marketing Board plans to support 20 other new ethanol fueling stations.