Company receives patent for WDG-based animal feed

By | October 14, 2010
Novera Protein Inc. has received a patent for its process to convert wet distillers grains (WDGs) and/or syrup into a new class of animal feed. Wet brewers grains, WDGs, syrup, or a combination of any of the three are combined with other protein sources to alter the amino acid structure of the final protein. The result is a non-perishable bypass protein that contains 47 percent crude protein, compared with an average 26 percent crude protein found in distillers dried grains.

Wet mill ethanol plants in regions with large cattle populations are ideal locations for Novera's operations, according to company President and CEO Tom Haschen. Allowing Novera to co-locate a feed production facility with the ethanol plant could provide the producer with additional revenue sources as well as a means to dispose of unwanted syrup, he said.