Make that Zero Fossil Fuels

By Alan Anderson | October 14, 2010
In your editor's note you talk about Merle Anderson's number crunching. It says that "96,000 gallons of renewable fuel divided by 480 gallons of fossil fuel equals 200 gallons of ethanol produced for each gallon of fossil fuel." That is still a shocking number to me, and I'm sure for every American. Why isn't the beginning of the whole process being done with renewable biodiesel [to raise and transport corn], and change that number from 480 gallons of fossil fuel to zero fossil fuel?

On the point about turning public opinion, people don't really care much about the benefits of ethanol other than how they are going to feel in the wallet or purse. We need to make it well known to every American in the U.S.: ethanol is cheaper.

By the way, the ethanol industry isn't all about corn. There are many other forms of ethanol being produced or emerging. Sugar ethanol here in America is just about to change in a major way.