Paying for Pumps

Michigan producer supports 2 installations
By Kris Bevill | December 27, 2010
Executives at all 27 plants in the Poet LLC family have been challenged to pursue blender pump installations in their respective areas. Poet Biorefining-Caro, a 53 MMgy plant located about two hours north of Detroit, recently contributed $50,000 toward blender pump installations at stations owned by Cooperative Elevator Co. and Ignash Petroleum Inc. The plant's general manager, Dave Gloer, says Poet CEO Jeff Broin issued the challenge to pursue blender pumps about two years ago. "It's taken a long time to make this happen," he says. "We worked on this project for more than a year. Very few ethanol plants have been successful in getting blender pumps installed in their areas." In exchange for the $25,000 per-pump contribution, Cooperative Elevator and Ignash have agreed to purchase ethanol directly from the Caro plant. The cooperative began purchasing E100 from the plant earlier this year and hopes to increase its demand to more than 10,000 gallons per month, says Tim Sielaff, vice president of petroleum for the co-op. Ignash will purchase E85 and has a goal of selling more than 800 gallons of E85 per day at its new site.