Negative ILUC

UK report examines wheat ethanol
By Holly Jessen | January 17, 2011

A report for the UK Department for Transport singled out wheat ethanol as having a negative indirect land use change (ILUC) impact. The study, which was conducted by E4tech, a UK and Switzerland energy technology consulting and software company, estimates the ILUC impact of five biofuel feedstocks, including palm oil, rapeseed oil, soybean oil, wheat and sugarcane. Wheat was the only feedstock resulting in a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, at a range of -53 grams CO2 equivalent per megajoule to -5.1 grams CO2e, depending on the scenario. “The main reason why the ILUC factor is negative for wheat is due to the credit that comes from wheat bioethanol coproducts displacing land-grown animal feeds such as soybean meal and feed wheat,” Claire Chudziak, one of the study’s four authors, tells EPM.