Cellulosic Pitstop

First refueling at Poet research center after 3,000 miles
By Susanne Retka Schill | February 15, 2011

The EcoTrek Foundation is showcasing E85 in a cross country road trip with a Ford F-250 fueled with cellulosic ethanol produced at Poet LLC’s research center in Scotland, S.D. Starting at the Santa Monica pier in California on Jan. 11, driver and EcoTrek founder Tom Holm refilled the barrels lining the pickup truck’s box for the first time at a stop in Scotland Feb. 1. Holm had already scored interviews with Forbes Magazine in San Francisco and television stations in Arizona. Further stops were planned for Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., Atlanta and Dallas before returning to California.

“We’re taking a regular American-made pickup truck, outfitting it with American-made accessories and powering it with American-made biofuels in order to emphasize our ability to be gentler to the environment, while bolstering American’s economy, national security and independence from foreign oil,” Holm says. “Of course, we’re also doing this to highlight the magnificence of America’s natural and cultural beauty.  These are things our forefathers fought and died for, and our servicemen continue to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect. My hope is that the use of clean biofuels made here at home will begin to minimize our sacrifices and lead to a more prosperous America admired for the innovations for which Americans are noted.” 

—Susanne Retka Schill