By Susanne Retka Schill | May 12, 2011

We at Ethanol Producer Magazine and BBI International are in high gear, preparing for the 2011 International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo, June 27-30 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. Behind the scenes, we have amazing people who seldom get recognized. Speakers at the event get to know Tim Portz and Sue Conroe. Portz manages the development of the solid agenda and tours and Conroe keeps in touch with speakers to gather current photos and bios and ensure that all goes smoothly with well over 100 slide presentations. The logistical guru is Michael Clarke, who coordinates arrangements at the convention center and hotels, making sure the 2,500 expected guests at FEW have a positive experience. Then there’s the account managers at BBI who do a yeoman’s effort working with the many sales representatives in the ethanol industry, helping them get their messages out to the people who matter. At the conference itself, Janice Sue German makes sure exhibitors have what they need so they can focus on the work they come to do.

The FEW is a barometer of the ethanol industry, revealing a renewed enthusiasm in the industry after a couple of tough years. It actually began last year, we learned from exhibitors who were well satisfied with the St. Louis event. It is apparent in the great response this year. From all indicators, the 2011 FEW in Indianapolis will be well attended.

A new way to follow happenings at FEW emerged spontaneously via Twitter last year. Tweeting isn’t hard, but like anything in computers these days, figuring it out the first time can be a puzzle. Head to and follow the instructions to set up an account. From there, mark the Twitterstreams to follow. Keep on top of ethanol news by following our postings at EthanolMagazine. You can also save search terms, such as a brand name, and keywords pertaining to your business or industry.  For example, monitoring the keyword #ethanol will pull up any Tweets posted including the hash tag, #ethanol. Last year, folks started tagging their Tweets from the FEW; this year, we’ll use #FEW2011.  Follow the conference, offer your comments as well, and in the meantime follow our regular coverage of the industry at