Poet’s corn oil technology arrives
By Kris Bevill | May 13, 2011

Approximately 10 million pounds of corn oil will be produced this year at the 57 MMgy Poet Biorefining-Hudson (S.D.) ethanol plant and sold into the biodiesel and feed markets, says Clayton Vaughan, director of business development at Poet Nutrition. The plant is the first of Poet’s 27 production facilities to produce the company’s trademarked Voilá corn oil, which is extracted through technology installed on the back end of the fermentation process. According to Poet, because the corn oil is captured after corn is subjected to the company’s unique cold-cook fermentation process, the oil produced contains a low free fatty acid, making it a high quality product.

Plans are being finalized to install the technology at Poet’s other plants, this year Vaughan says.  —Kris Bevill