This Isn’t Our First Rodeo

By Mike Bryan | October 05, 2012

I watched a little of the Calgary Stampede this summer and couldn’t help but be reminded of the similarities between those tough, determined bronco riders and the champions of our industry.

High corn prices, food versus fuel, land use, shifting energy demands, diminishing rain forests, waving the waiver and a host of other issues that have to be dealt with, many of which are instigated and funded by some of the world’s richest industries, employing the world’s highest-paid lobbyist. They areall part and parcel to the wild ride of renewable energy.

We have been down this road many times over the past 30 years. We have suffered high corn prices, false allegations, shifting energy demands and come face to face with the best lobbyist money can buy, and won.

Each time those opposed to the ethanol industry think “This time we got ‘em”, and start popping the cork on the champagne bottles, it seems we somehow come through once again. It’s not because we are smarter, or better at lobbying our issue, although that could actually be the case, it’s because we are on the right side of the issue at the right time in history.

Just as the bronco rider wraps the leather strap around his fist, digs his heal into the sides of the horse in anticipation of the wild moments ahead, the ethanol industry prepares for what it knows will be a rough ride, digs in its heels, pulls its hat down tight and yells “Open the gate! This isn’t our first rodeo and it won’t be our last.”

Like the old weathered-faced cowboy, the bruises, cracked ribs and broken bones eventually begin to take their toll. Fortunately, we have a whole new set of young, tough, determined rodeo champs coming up through the ranks ready to take on the meanest and wildest broncos out there. These young champs haven’t yet been worn down by being thrown through the air and hitting the ground with the wind knocked out of them, only to have to get up and do it all over again.

I’m proud of the old cowboys, but I’m also very proud of the young champs that are ready to take the reins of this industry and yell “Open the gate! This IS my first rodeo, but it won’t be my last!”

That’s the way I see I it.

Author: Mike Bryan
Chairman, BBI International