Fla. ethanol legislation awaits action from governor

By Erin Voegele | May 06, 2013

Legislation in Florida that aims to alter the state’s renewable fuel standard (RFS) is awaiting action from Gov. Rick Scott. The bill, H.B. 4001 was introduced in December by state Reps. Matt Gaetz and Keith Perry. 

According to the text of the legislation, the measure would remove the provision in Florida state law that requires all gasoline offered for sale in the state to include a percentage of ethanol, subject to certain exemptions. If signed into law by the governor, the act would take effect on July 1.

The Florida House of Representatives passed the legislation by a vote of 77 to 39 on April 12. The senate passed the measure on April 24 by a vote of 33 to 1.

In April 2012, Scott allowed legislation to become law that contained tax incentives for biofuels, although he did not sign the bill and warned that it could be repealed if sufficient returns to tax payers did not result. That bill, H.B. 7117 also provided an opening for retails to sell or offer to sell gasoline blends that did not contain E10, as specified under the state’s RFS.