Holly Jessen

Holly Jessen is managing editor for Ethanol Producer Magazine. She has written for the magazine since January 2010 and has previous experience working for daily and weekly newspapers in North Dakota and Minnesota. She graduated from Andrews University in 2000 with a double major in English and journalism.

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October 23, 2014

Fiberight still working toward MSW plant in Iowa

Despite delays, Fiberight's plans to produce cellulosic ethanol from municipal solid waste in Iowa are moving forward. In fact, an equity drive happening now is attracting quite a few interested people and money is starting to come in. READ MORE

October 22, 2014

3 P's of Maintenance

Maintenance professionals talk about preventative, predictive and precision maintenance. READ MORE

October 20, 2014

Abengoa facility is a Hugoton diamond

My trip to Kansas for the Abengoa Bioenergy grand opening celebration of its 25 MMgy cellulosic ethanol plant was well worth the trip. I won’t soon forget my tour of the state-of-the-art facility or the local residents I met there. READ MORE

October 20, 2014

Abengoa plant has multiple feedstock capabilities

One of the best features of the Abengoa Bioenergy plant is the ability to convert a wide variety of feedstocks into cellulosic ethanol, Chris Standlee, executive vice president of Abengoa, told EPM Oct. 17 prior to the plant's grand opening ceremony. READ MORE

October 13, 2014

Report shows ethanol's connection to high food prices is a lie

Growth Energy and the RFA responded to the USDA's October supply/demand report, which forecasted a record corn yield. Growth Energy said it ended the food vs. fuel myth and RFA said it underscores the need for market certainty. READ MORE

October 13, 2014

It's not about subtraction, it's about addition

Is grain ethanol chemically the same as cellulosic ethanol? The short answer is, “yes.” READ MORE

October 10, 2014

Tolman reminisces on ethanol's impact on corn farming

Rick Toleman will wrap up his 14 years at NCGA on Oct. 17. Tolman told Ethanol Producer Magazine the thing that sticks out most in his mind is the remarkable change in the ag economy, thanks to the growth of the ethanol industry. READ MORE

October 06, 2014

Cellulosic ethanol in your washing machine

Did you know that ethanol is a key ingredient in laundry detergent? I didn’t, until this morning. READ MORE

September 29, 2014

New proposed corn-ethanol plants hit the news

Last week, we wrote about two proposed first generation ethanol plants that developers are hoping to build in South Dakota and Illinois. After many years of virtual silence on this front, it feels like quite a big deal! READ MORE

September 24, 2014

SD landowners propose new first generation ethanol plant

Walt Wendland and Chris Schwarck are proposing to build a corn and milo ethanol plant in South Dakota. If the project becomes a reality it would join Dakota Spirit AgEnergy as the only corn ethanol plants in the U.S. to breakground since 2008. READ MORE