Susanne Retka Schill

Sue Retka Schill is senior editor at BBI International, writing and editing for Ethanol Producer Magazine and assisting with the editing of other BBI titles, including Biomass Magazine. She started working with BBI International in late 2006 and has written on a  variety of topics for Ethanol Producer Magazine, Biodiesel Magazine and Biomass Magazine. She has over 30 years of experience in reporting on agriculture and rural life for regional publications and community newspapers.

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August 22, 2014

EPA's final 2014 RVO delivered to the OMB; industry reacts

The U.S. EPA has finalized its 2014 renewable volume obligation rule for the renewable fuels standard and submitted it to the Office of Management and Budget for review on Friday, Aug. 22. READ MORE

August 12, 2014

USDA projects corn yield at record 167.4 bushels per acre

The USDA survey-based yield forecast in the August supply/demand report pegs corn yield at a record 167.4 bushels per acre, up 2.1 bushel from last month's projection. The new forecast projects a record corn crop of 14.032 billion bushels. READ MORE

August 11, 2014

Corn use for ethanol likely to top 5 billion bushels this year

Corn use for ethanol production is likely to hit 5.1 billion bushels for the current marketing year, based on current estimates of 14.1 billion gallons of ethanol production, said University of Illinois ag economist Darrel Good in a recent analysis. READ MORE

August 11, 2014

Irwin RINs analysis points to rollback of proposed RFS cuts

The ratio between D6 ethanol renewable identification numbers (RINs) and D4 biodiesel RINs are primary clues indicating the market expects the U.S. EPA to roll back its proposed cuts to the renewable fuels standard (RFS). READ MORE

August 08, 2014

Dakota Spirit Rising

The first corn ethanol plant to be built in more than five years is taking shape in North Dakota. READ MORE

August 07, 2014

Economist analyzes RIN generation: 2014 pace will meet need

Analyzing the past six months of U.S. EPA reports on renewable identification number generation, University of Illinois economist Nick Paulson suggests obligated parties don't expect the EPA's 2014 volumes to be as low as the EPA's proposed levels. READ MORE

July 24, 2014

Ethanol hedge for corn farmers working as expected in 2014

With corn prices the lowest in years, the question arises whether farmers who invested in ethanol plants are finding it an effective hedge. Retired Iowa State University ag economist Don Hofstrand analyzed the question in a recent newsletter. READ MORE

July 23, 2014

Montanans turn barley into high-value feed, ethanol

Montana Microbial and the USDA Agricultural Research Service are developing an enzymatic treatment for barley that produces a high-value protein concentrate, describing ethanol as the process coproduct. READ MORE

July 22, 2014

Toolkit For Ethanol's Next Stage

Forward-thinking producers will build on technological improvements implemented in recent years. READ MORE

July 17, 2014

Cummins gets 50-85% GHG reduction with new E85 optimized engine

Cummins Inc. announced the development of an E85 optimized engine and powertrain that reduces greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by as much as 50 to 80 percent when compared with a baseline gasoline-powered medium-duty truck. READ MORE