Susanne Retka Schill

Sue Retka Schill is managing editor of Ethanol Producer Magazine and and a senior editor at BBI International.  She started working with BBI International in late 2006 and has written on a  variety of topics for Ethanol Producer Magazine, Biodiesel Magazine and Biomass Magazine. She has years of experience in reporting on agriculture and rural life for regional publications and community newspapers.


Latest Posts by Susanne Retka Schill

October 24, 2016

White Dog Labs advances in $20 million Carbon Xprize contest

New technology developer White Dog Labs has been selected as a semifinalist in the $20 million Carbon Xprize, announced shortly after its peer-reviewed research paper was published in the journal Nature Communications. READ MORE

October 20, 2016

Studies on extinguishing ethanol tank fires refines foam methods

Researchers working on the Etankfire project have completed a number of tests aimed at developing firefighting tactics for large ethanol tank fires. The research has been led by Henry Persson from the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden. READ MORE

October 18, 2016

Biofuels finance conference meets in Minneapolis

There is some optimism for the biofuels industry in the nation’s capital, in spite of the current election environment, attendees of the Christianson Biofuels Finance Conference learned in Minneapolis on Oct. 18. READ MORE

October 17, 2016

Fiber: Feedstock of the Future

Realizing its full potential requires a better understanding of fiber’s fickle characteristics when used as a cellulosic ethanol feedstock. In-depth reporting in the November EPM. READ MORE

October 13, 2016

High Plains Transition

The financial difficulties of Abengoa Bioenergy’s parent company in Spain trigger the sale of its ethanol production facilities in the U.S. In-depth reporting in the November EPM. READ MORE

September 20, 2016

Mycotoxin Monitoring in the FSMA Era

Ethanol plants gear up systems to document compliance. This article appears in the October print issue of Ethanol Producer Magazine. READ MORE

September 16, 2016

Aemetis’ Multiple Ventures

California-based ethanol company moves Edeniq and LanzaTech developments to the forefront. This article appears in the October print issue of Ethanol Producer Magazine. READ MORE