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January 16, 2018

USGC sees growth potential for US grain exports to Myanmar

The U.S. Grains Council recently assessed the growth potential for Myanmar’s animal and feed manufacturing sectors, and has shown how that growth could translate to increased feed grain exports, including distillers dried grains with solubles. READ MORE

January 04, 2018

EPA approves pathway for Advanced BioEnergy

The U.S. EPA approved an efficient producer petition by Advanced BioEnergy LLC for a fuel pathway at its facility in Aberdeen, South Dakota. The pathway allows facility to generate RINs under the RFS for non-grandfathered volumes of ethanol. READ MORE

January 03, 2018

USDA report says Indonesia faces ethanol dilemma

Indonesia instituted a national ethanol policy in 2006, but has been having trouble meeting its goals. The country’s plans to develop bioethanol are facing many setbacks, including costly inputs, capacity limitations and trade restrictions. READ MORE

December 29, 2017

Bolivia plans E10 mandate in 2018

Bolivia announced a plan this week to implement an ethanol blend mandate for gasoline in 2018. The mandate would begin at a 10 percent blend and increase as the industry increases production capacity in Bolivia. READ MORE

December 28, 2017

USGC’s corn quality report see record yields

The U.S. Grain Council released its latest corn quality report Dec. 21. The seventh annual survey showed a record corn yield and overall great crop quality due to an outstanding growing season. READ MORE

December 28, 2017

ePURE against EU’s roll back of ethanol use

The European renewable ethanol association, ePURE, issued a statement decrying the recent agreement by EU energy ministers to roll back plans to use renewable energy in transportation, calling it a step in the wrong direction. READ MORE

December 26, 2017

Iowa supermarket adds E15 fuel location

Hy-Vee Inc., a chain of supermarkets throughout the Midwest, now offers E15 at five locations across its eight-state region. The Hy-Vee store located at 3120 Agency Street in Burlington, Iowa, is the latest to offer the fuel option. READ MORE

December 21, 2017

CropEnergies releases third quarter financial report

CropEnergies, a leading European manufacturer of ethanol, released its third quarter financial report Dec. 15. The company saw an operating profit of 12 million euros ($14.3 million), down from 18 million euros during the same quarter of last year. READ MORE

December 19, 2017

Japan to accept US corn ethanol

Japan is likely to finalize a determination in January 2018 that will allow the use of U.S. ethanol in the production of bio-ethyl tert-butyl ether. The final decision will be followed by a period of public comment. READ MORE

December 18, 2017

Scotland biofuel company to build whisky residue biofuel plant

A Scottish biofuel start-up, Celtic Renewables, plans to build a commercial demonstration plant in Grangemouth, which will produce over 500,000 liters (132,000 gallons) of biofuel annually, according to a press release. READ MORE