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November 21, 2016

Blog: Leaded gasoline’s sordid history

BY Susanne Retka Schill

November 07, 2016

Emails show collusion against ethanol

BY Susanne Retka Schill

October 24, 2016

Blog: Super yeasts and catalysts

BY Susanne Retka Schill

October 03, 2016

Blog: USDA's commitment to sustainable energy

BY Susanne Retka Schill

September 19, 2016

Blog: More on octane and knock

BY Susanne Retka Schill

September 12, 2016

Blog: Ethanol advantages outweigh Btu

BY Susanne Retka Schill

August 29, 2016

Blog: Helping the one-off retailer

BY Susanne Retka SchillThere ought to be a way to also support one-off retailers working in states without the sort of support provided by biofuel associations elsewhere. READ MORE

August 15, 2016

Blog: Simplistic argument targets ethanol, again

BY Susanne Retka SchillA recent column provides some insight into anti-ethanol stances by making a connection between beef prices, the cow herd expansion and restaurant profits, with rather breath-taking simplification. READ MORE

July 25, 2016

Blog: Attitudes Support the Culture of Safety

BY Susanne Retka Schill

July 01, 2016

Blog: Nissan announces ethanol fuel cell car

BY Susanne Retka SchillNissan is using an ethanol-water blend fed into an on-board reformer that produces hydrogen to power a fuel cell that supplies electricity to drive the car. READ MORE

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