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Everything 'Old' can be New Again

BY Kris BevillA biomass conversion technology developer has created a plan for large, grain-based ethanol producers to host cellulosic ethanol facilities, and reap the energy rewards. READ MORE

Covering Your Grass

BY Ryan C. ChristiansenSome ventures to produce cellulosic ethanol propose using dedicated energy crops such as switchgrass and miscanthus as feedstocks. However, unlike row crops, dedicated energy crops are not supported by crop insurance programs. What is being done to level the playing field? READ MORE

Duckweed ‘Quacks' Volumes of Potential

BY Bryan SimsSince the late 1960s, scientists have studied duckweed for animal and human consumption because of its high protein content. Researchers are now tapping into the plant's innate environmental benefits, from desalinating wastewater to exploring its potential as a viable starch-based feedstock for ethanol production. READ MORE

RFS2: Bridging the Gap to Advanced Biofuels

BY Erin VoegeleIf corn-based ethanol is the bridge to next generation biofuels, then the U.S. EPA's proposed rulemaking for the second stage of the renewable fuel standard (RFS2) may be the driving force to launch that journey. While still supportive of the corn-based ethanol industry, the RFS2 program clearly requires the biofuels industry to step-up efforts to commercialize next generation technologies. READ MORE

The Cellulosic Ceiling

BY Ryan C. ChristiansenThe renewable fuel standard calls for 100 MMgy of cellulosic biofuel to be blended into the nation's fuel in 2010, ramping up to 16 billion gallons per year in 2022. Will the U.S. produce enough to satisfy the mandate? READ MORE

Slow and Steady Wins the Race?

BY Hope DeutscherWhile the U.S. ethanol market has grown by leaps and bounds, the Canadian industry has grown at a slow, steady pace. As the country's industry grows to meet demand, rather than outpacing it, leaders say Canada is well-positioned to handle future growth as needed. READ MORE

A Call to Action

BY Hope Deutscher and Erin VoegeleAlthough the ethanol industry is currently facing numerous challenges in both public perception and economics, speakers at this year's International Fuel Ethanol Workshop and Expo encouraged attendees to take action - address the challenges head on and look to the future of the industry and the potential benefits of cellulosic ethanol. READ MORE

A Lasting Legacy

BY BBI Editorial StaffFriends and colleagues of Kathy Bryan share stirring memories of her inspirational life and career. READ MORE


Sourcing Equipment in Developing Countries While Minimizing Risk

BY Gregory T. Benz and Ling DuPurchasing operating equipment out-of-country can save money, but it is necessary to take the proper steps to ensure a quality product. READ MORE

How Consolidation can Affect Shareholder Value

BY Scott McDermottConsolidation has been a way of business, particularly in the food and agriculture sectors, for up to 100 years, in some cases. In a period of industry stress such as is currently being experienced in the ethanol industry, it is important to step back and review what history teaches us about consolidation and what it could mean to the creation and destruction of shareholder value. READ MORE

Common Mistakes in Design, Use of Reverse Osmosis Systems

BY Wes ByrneThe components of a working reverse osmosis system are few — a pump, some membranes, vessels and plumbing. The challenge is to operate it in a way that minimizes membrane fouling, maximizes membrane life, and avoids hydraulic catastrophes. READ MORE

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