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Rewriting the Book on RINs

BY Erin VoegeleThe renewable identification number system was designed to serve as a framework to help ensure that mandates required by the renewable fuel standard (RFS) program are met. As the U.S. EPA works to implement the second stage of the RFS program (RFS2), the agency has proposed ways to improve and streamline the system in order to address problems that emerged under RFS1 and ensure that the additional complexities of RFS2 can be effectively managed. READ MORE

The First Line of Defense

BY Kris BevillEmergency responders carry the burden of knowing how to accurately battle many different emergency situations, but ethanol bears a unique challenge that many departments have only recently become familiar with. Maintaining training for first responders will be a vital part of the overall safety and success of the ethanol industry. READ MORE

Creative Byproduct Possibilities

BY Hope DeutscherFrom pest control to deer attractants and biocomposite materials, an Arizona company is developing a range of products to utilize an ethanol production byproduct. READ MORE


Brazil's Ethanol-Enhanced History

BY Pedro G. SeraphimTogether, with the appearance of the flexible fuel vehicles in 2003, the infrastructure and culture that forms the inheritance of Brazil's 1970s "Pró-Álcool" program is the key for the development of its local ethanol industry, with no strings attached to tax incentives or protective policies. READ MORE

Greenhouse Gas Regulation Impacts

BY Sam A. RushingEthanol producers will be among the list of regulated emitters if a proposed mandatory greenhouse gas emissions reduction program becomes law, making it vital for producers to know their options for reducing or selling carbon dioxide. READ MORE

Higher Blends Require Higher Quality Ethanol

BY Tom SluneckaIncreasing the amount of ethanol allowed to be blended into gasoline would be beneficial for the ethanol industry and the United States, but it is important that producers be aware of the product quality requirements that higher blends will demand. READ MORE

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Federal Grants Spur Electricity Production

BY Hamang B. Patel and Porter J. Martin

Europe's take on ILUC

BY Robert Vierhout

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