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Retrofitting for Alternatives

BY Erin VoegeleColorado-based Gevo Inc. has developed a three-part technology package for retrofitting existing ethanol plants to produce biobased isobutanol. The design allows ethanol producers to leverage existing infrastructure to produce a multitude of alternative fuels and high-value end products. READ MORE

A Lasting Legacy

BY BBI Editorial StaffFriends and colleagues of Kathy Bryan share stirring memories of her inspirational life and career. From managing a farm-scale ethanol plant in Minnesota to establishing the world's leading ethanol magazine and conference, Bryan's impact on the ethanol industry is deep and lasting. READ MORE

Is Recycling Yeast an Option?

BY Erin VoegeleSugarcane ethanol producers typically recycle the yeast used in their fermentation process. While yeast recycling can offer a variety of benefits, it can also introduce problems with contamination and shift a plant's fermentation profile. READ MORE

Central American Getaway

BY Kris BevillCentral American and Caribbean countries continue to serve as rendezvous points for Brazilian ethanol companies seeking to dehydrate their way out of the 54 cent U.S. import tariff. The loophole that allows this has a bad rap among U.S. producers, but is it deserved? READ MORE


Manage Technology Convergence While Protecting Innovation

BY Joseph Teja Jr. and Michael PomianekIntellectual property is a key component to the success of any technology-based company, but it is especially important for energy and/or environmentally-related ventures. READ MORE

Industrial Biotechs Accelerate Drive to Leverage Glycerin

BY David J. GaskinProducing additional amounts of ethanol from glycerin in whole stillage may boost plant revenue. READ MORE

Zero Liquid Discharge Systems Offer Sustainability

BY Amelia JordanCreating safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly water treatment systems is a priority for ethanol production plants. Zero liquid discharge systems are gaining ground as pragmatic solutions. READ MORE

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Unholy Alliance?

BY Robert Vierhout

Issues in Nuisance Litigation

BY Haley R. Van Loon

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