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Coming Up Short

BY Kris BevillAs the U.S. EPA ponders comments submitted in response to its proposed rule for the second stage of the renewable fuel standard, cellulosic biofuel producers wonder how they will produce enough fuel to meet a 2010 mandate, and what will happen to the industry if they don't. READ MORE

Public-Private Partnerships

BY Erin VoegeleIn an effort to deploy new technologies and create local jobs, some public and private entities are teaming up to establish mutually beneficial relationships. READ MORE

The Project of a Lifetime

BY Ron KotrbaRaphael "Ray" Katzen dedicated his life to achieving commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol production from a variety of feedstocks at a competitive price. The following article, which first appeared in the Feb. 2006 issue of EPM, highlights the lasting impact he had on the industry. READ MORE

Beyond Cellulosic

BY Erin VoegeleWhile cellulosic technologies receive the most attention as related to scale-up of next-generation ethanol production, other technologies are also being developed to meet future advanced biofuel mandates. READ MORE

Big Oil's Big Entrance

BY Craig A. JohnsonOil companies were noticeably absent during the ethanol industry boom from 2004 to 2007. Now, as some of those first-generation ethanol plants struggle to survive, Big Oil has begun to take an interest. READ MORE


Filling a Need: Forest Plantations for Bioenergy in the South

BY Ronalds Gonzalez, Jeff Wright and Daniel SaloniThe growing number of renewable energy projects in the Southern U.S. utilizing woody biomass will require the development of short-rotation bioenergy plantations. READ MORE

Organic Acids Yield Advantages

BY Renata UrbaityteOrganic acids and acidifiers are powerful tools that can provide one more barrier to disease transmission in large feeding installations. READ MORE

Algae: cleaning up biofuels

BY Sam A. RushingThe role of algae as a component of a successful carbon sequestration program is gaining interest in the biofuels industry. READ MORE

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Giving Thanks

BY Bob Dinneen

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