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Workers Available, Ethanol Producers Wanted

BY Kris BevillRepresentatives of the ethanol industry often list an increase of domestic jobs as one of the many reasons why ethanol production would benefit the United States. While these jobs are often thought to be new jobs, ethanol could also play a significant role in replenishing jobs that have been lost in other industries. READ MORE

2010 US Ethanol Industry Salary Survey

BY Erin VoegeleBack by popular demand, EPM presents the results of its recently conducted salary survey of U.S. ethanol plant personnel. READ MORE

Ethanol Education: A Window to Employment

BY Erin VoegeleLike most businesses, ethanol companies employ a variety of white-collar professionals. However, ethanol plants also need skilled workers who possess knowledge of ethanol-specific process technologies and plant operations. To fill this niche, an increasing number of community colleges have begun to offer biofuels-specific training programs. READ MORE

Rewarding Greener Biofuels

BY Susanne Retka SchillA long-time sustainable agriculture advocate proposes a producer tax credit tied to performance. READ MORE


Distillers Dried Grain Yields High-Fiber, High-Protein Flour

BY PADMANABAN KRISHNANA flour made from distillers dried grains used in the flat bread being baked at the food science lab at South Dakota State University. The flour could be a solution to global hunger. READ MORE

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2010 Ins and Outs

BY Bob Dinneen

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